Pork Is The Healthy Option

by 5m Editor
29 September 2004, at 12:00am

UK - Some people still look at pork as a fatty, unhealthy meat when the truth is very different.

British Pig Executive

To tackle these misconceptions head-on the British Pig Executive has just produced a leaflet called Pork - the Facts for schools, hospitals and catering college lecturers.

It points out that pork is an exceptionally lean meat, containing many essential vitamins and minerals required to maintain good health.

BPEX trade sector manager Tony Goodger, said: "Feeding and breeding changes over the past 20 years together with new butchery techniques, mean the fat content of fully trimmed British pork has fallen to only 4%.

"Not only is British pork lean, but it is also nutritious containing protein, Iron, Zinc, Thiamin and Vitamins B12 and D - which are all essential for healthy growth and maintained health."

Tony said the leaflet also dealt with the misconception that pork should be well done, which would leave it dry and lacking in flavour - on the continent, where it is frequently served pink, it is succulent, tender and full of flavour.

He said: "This leaflet also highlights the newly EU approved Quality Standard Mark for Pork, which explains that the Mark can be used only on products which meet the strict specifications set in the approved scheme.

"These include: farm assurance, transportation, slaughtering and processing controls to ensure the pork products that carry the mark meet all safety standards and are of the highest quality."

To obtain the 'Pork - the facts' leaflet free of charge, please call 01908 844107 or email [email protected]

Source: British Pig Executive - 28th September 2004

5m Editor