Transmissible Gatroenteritis in Israel

by 5m Editor
11 September 2004, at 12:00am

Israel - This is a report via OIE on the detection of Transmissible Gatroenteritis in Israel. Disease never reported before in Israel.

Emergency report

Information received on 6 September 2004 from Dr Moshe Chaimovitz, Director of Veterinary and Animal Health Services, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Beit-Dagan:

Date of the report: 6 September 2004.

Nature of diagnosis: clinical, post-mortem and laboratory.

Date of initial detection of animal health incident: 23 May 2004.

Estimated date of primary infection: 7 May 2004.


Location No. of outbreaks
Acco district, Ibillin 1
Acco district, Kafar Yasif 1
Acco district, Mielya 1

Description of affected population: piglets.

Total number of animals in the outbreaks:

species susceptible cases deaths destroyed slaughtered
sui 48,120 43,300 12,120 0 0

Diagnosis: severe diarrhoea was observed in sibling piglets (1-6 days old), ending with the death of 28% of infected piglets in 25 swine breeding farms.

A. Laboratories where diagnosis was made:

- Kimron Veterinary Institute, Beit-Dagan;

- Istituto Zooprofilattico ‘Bruno Ubertini’, Brescia, Italy.

B. Diagnostic tests used:

- ELISA(1) detection of bovine coronavirus antigen;

- electron microscopy;

- immune electron microscopy;

- fluorescent antibody test;

- PCR (polymerase chain reaction);

- virus isolation.


A. Source of agent / origin of infection: under investigation.

B. Mode of spread: under investigation.

Control measures:

- the vaccination of sows with infected material from piglets has reduced mortality;

- strict movement restrictions on susceptible animals;

- other control measures in the outbreak settlements.

The favourable evolution of the epidemiological situation and the results of the epidemiological surveillance activities (screening, inspection, serological testing and additional studies), indicate that the infection has stopped spreading.

(1) ELISA: enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Further Information

Information on Transmissible Gastro Enteritis (TGE)

Source: Office International des Epizooties - 10th September 2004

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