12th Annual Swine Disease Conference for Swine Practitioners

by 5m Editor
1 October 2004, at 12:00am

US - The Twelfth Annual Swine Disease Conference for Swine Practitioners is to be held at Iowa State University on November 11th and 12th 2004. Visit for more information and online registration.

WHEN: November 11-12, 2004
WHERE: Scheman Building, Iowa State University

The annual swine disease conference covers new and emerging technologies and procedures that can be applied to improve production and product safety and quality. The conference has timely, scientific-based information to help meet the varied challenges of swine practioners.

The Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine and the Iowa Pork Industry Center are dedicated to strengthening pork production through the use of existing and emerging technologies and application of scientific knowledge.

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Thursday, November 11

8:00 Registration

Moderator: Dr. Kent Schwartz

9:00 Dean's Message,
Dr. John Thomson

9:15 Circovirus-Associated Diseases Update, Dr. Pat Halbur, ISU

9:45 Break

10:15 Edema Disease - Field Problems and Observations
Dr. John Hicks, Carroll
Dr. Chris Rademacher, Jackson, MN

10:45 Edema Disease - Systems Approach
Dr. Locke Karriker, ISU

11:05 Influenza - Update from the Diagnostic Lab
Dr. Bruce Janke, ISU

11:35 Influenza - International Research Overview
Dr. Juergen Richt, National Animal Disease Center, Ames, IA

12:00 Lunch

Moderator: Dr. John Carr

1:00 National Animal Identification Program - Practitioner Involvement
Dr. James McKean, ISU

1:20 Ileitis Update - Control and Treatment Perspectives
Dr. Steve McOrist, Bungy Corp., Australia

1:50 Haemophilus parasuis - Case Definition and New Diagnostics
Dr. Dianna Jordan, ISU

2:10 Haemophilus parasuis - Novel Proteins - Hopes for Vaccine??
Dr. Jerry McVicker, Boone, IA

2:30 Humane Euthanasia - On-farm Applications
Dr. Morgan Morrow, North Carolina State University

3:00 Break

3:30 Biosecurity Practices - What Is Known?
Dr. Sandy Amass, Purdue University

4:00 Biosecurity Practices - How to Audit Success?
Dr. Morgan Morrow, North Carolina State University

4:30 Biosecurity - Managing Transport Risks
Dr. Hans Rotto, Sleepy Eye, MN

4:45 Bioterrorism Awareness Programs in Iowa
Dr. Jim Roth and Dr. Radford Davis, ISU

5:30 Social/Mixer - Swine-interest students invited

Friday, November 12

Moderator: Dr. Hank Harris

8:00 Clinical Manifestations in Sows - Agent X/Porcine Reproductive and Neurologic Syndrome
Dr. Mark Fitzsimmons, Webster City, IA

8:15 Clinical Manifestations of a Neurologic Syndrome in Grow-finish Swine
Dr. Jeff Blythe, Orange City, IA

8:30 Porcine Dermatitis and Nephropathy Syndrome (PDNS) - European Style
Dr. John Carr, ISU

8:45 Clinical and Diagnostic Considerations for an Acute, High Mortaility Syndrome in Grow-finish Swine
Dr. Jerry Torrison, St. Peter, MN

9:00 Australian Experiences with an Emerging Disease?? - Porcine Myocarditis Virus
Dr. Steve McOrist, Bungy Corp., Australia

9:30 Sudden Presentation of Idiopathic Vesicular Disease in a Swine Herd - Clinical Picture and Practitioner Response
Dr. Sandy Amass, Purdue University

9:50 Practitioner Responsibilities when a FAD/Emerging Disease is Suspected
Dr. John Schiltz, State of Iowa Veterinarian

10:00 Break

10:30 Processed Verified Production (PVP) in Pig Production - What Is It and Why Should Practitioner's Care?
Dr. Michael Telford, Granger, IA

11:00 Non-traditional Production Systems in Iowa/Midwest
Mark Storlie, ISU Cooperative Extension Livestock Field Specialist

11:30 Veterinary Issues in Nontraditional Production Systems
Dr. Steve Schwarting, Osage, IA

12:00 Lunch

Moderator: Dr. Locke Karriker

1:00 Basics of PCR Technology
Dr. Karen Harmon, ISU

1:30 Diagnostic Applications of PCR Technology - System Monitoring Perspectives
Dr. Christa Irwin, Nevada, MO

2:00 Diagnostic Applications of PCR Technology - A Practice Perspective
Dr. Jim Lowe, Carthage, IL

2:30 Whole Herd Exposure - Review of Techniques for TGE and PRRS Control
Dr.Jerome Geiger, Henderson, TN

3:00 PRRS - Infectious Doses and Routes of Exposure
Mr. Joe Hermann, ISU

3:30 PRRS - Persistence in Grow-finish Systems
Dr. Locke Karriker, ISU

4:00 Adjourn

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James McKean, [email protected]

For registration information, contact:
University Conference Services, [email protected]

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