Beef, Pork Output Up in Hawaii

by 5m Editor
29 October 2004, at 12:00am

US - Beef and pork production for local consumption in Hawaii has risen, according to the latest monthly reports from the US Department of Agriculture.

Cattle slaughter for local beef consumption hit 625,000 pounds in August, up from 545,000 pounds a year earlier. The figure shows a commercial kill of 1,100, compared with 900 head in August 2003. Average live weight rose 1 percent. The jump in production for August brings year-to-date beef production to slightly higher than last year's.

Total cattle marketings totaled 3,300 head in August, compared with 3,200 head a year ago and 2,900 head during July 2004. The increase in local commercial slaughter offset the slight decline in out-of-state shipments. Exports during August 2004 declined by 100 head to 2,200 head from a year ago.

Commercial pork production during August totaled 386,000 pounds, compared with 377,000 pounds a year ago. Total hog kill of 2,500 head was 100 head more than last year. Average live weight was 1 percent heavier.

Cumulative pork production for the first eight months of 2004 was 9 percent below the same period in 2003.

August pork production nation-wide hit a record monthly high of 1.7 billion pounds.

Source: eFeedLink - 28th October 2004

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