Czech Beef, Pork Output Record 17.4% Decline in September

by 5m Editor
27 October 2004, at 12:00am

CZECH REPUBLIC - Czech meat output, excluding poultry, fell 17.4% year-on-year in September. Pork output decreased 16.3% and beef output dropped by 21.4%, according to the Czech Statistical Office (CSU).

Meat production registered 36,619 tons in September.

Agricultural producer prices increased 7% year-on-year for slaughter bulls and by 4.8% for slaughter pigs. Average slaughter weight, in contrast, fell 0.3% to 587.6 kg by slaughter bulls and 2.3% to 104.8 kg for slaughter pigs.

Milk purchases from farmers declined 0.2% in September.

In January-September, meat output (without poultry) decreased by 7.1% on a 6.4% drop in pork, and a 9.7% fall in beef production.

Average slaughter weight decreased by 0.5 % year-on-year to 588.6 kg for slaughter bulls; for slaughter pigs, it declined by 0.2% to 108.1 kg.

Agricultural producer prices in January-September grew by 2.3% for slaughter bulls and by 7.2% for slaughter pigs compared with the same period of 2003.

Milk purchases from farmers fell by 1.9% year-on-year in Q1-3.

Source: eFeedLink - 27th October 2004

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