EU grants final registration of BioPlus®2B for sows

by 5m Editor
18 October 2004, at 12:00am

EU - Chr. Hansen has obtained a final EU approval and registration of a Probiotic feed additive for sows.

Chr. Hansen - BioPlus 2B

After reviewing over 300 pages of documentation on efficacy data, the 25 European Union members unanimously voted in late July in favor of BioPlus®2B for use in sow rations.

The EU requires three significant (P < 0.05) efficacy trial results per claim to gain registration. For approval for BioPlus®2B, Chr. Hansen submitted three significant studies performed in Europe that demonstrated the positive effect on sows with piglets. The documentation shows when sows are fed rations with BioPlus®2B, piglet mortality is reduced from the average 10-13 percent to only 7 percent.

"This seal of approval by the EU gives conclusive validation to the benefit and safety of BioPlus®2B," states Trine Hastrup, Director of Marketing, Animal Health & Nutrition.

"The strict documentation demands we have had to meet establishes BioPlus®2B as an effective tool for swine producers not only in Europe, but other regions around the world as well."

In the European Union antibiotic growth promoters are being out phased in animal feed, and Chr. Hansen developed BioPlus®2B as a natural alternative for swine producers. The product contains two live and naturally occurring probiotic bacteria, which have a beneficial effect on farm animals.

Source: Chr. Hansen - 18th October 2004

5m Editor