Social report on pig farming 2003 - 2004

by 5m Editor
8 October 2004, at 12:00am

THE NETHERLANDS - The Dutch farmers’ organisation LTO-Nederland has published a report on the sector’s social position and how this is developing. Taking the demands of society and of consumers into account is considered to be of paramount importance.

Pig farming in the Netherlands has staked its future on the development of sustainable production. The report shows which changes have been initiated, but also stresses that these changes are only possible if the costs incurred can be recouped in the market.

Pig farming, together with allied sectors, is an important economic activity in the Netherlands. The sector is undergoing major changes in order to equip itself to adapt to the demands of society and consumers. In 1997 pig farming in the Netherlands began working towards sustainable production. Since then the Dutch sector has led the way in standards of animal welfare and product safety.

Important progress has also been made in efforts to protect the environment and promote animal health. The report examines these developments and indicates which further developments might be needed in future. The practical obstacles to developing the sector in the right direction are also outlined.

A copy of the social report has been presented to the Dutch Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Cees Veerman, who welcomed this initiative by the sector to publicise its social position and its ambitions.

Source: Dutch Meat Board - 6th October 2004

5m Editor