DAHS Virkon® S proves highly effective and economic against PRRS virus

by 5m Editor
29 November 2004, at 12:00am

US - DuPont Animal Health Solutions' broad spectrum disinfectant, DAHS Virkon® S, has proved highly potent against the PRRS virus at the high dilution of 1:500. Recent tests, carried out by a leading independent laboratory in the USA proved that DAHS Virkon® S completely inactivates the PRRS virus following a ten minute exposure time at dilutions of both 1:250 and 1:500.

Such low dilution rates make DAHS Virkon® S extremely economical for use. To ensure that the tests represented realistic farming conditions, they were undertaken using AOAC Synthetic Hard Water and in the presence of a 5% fetal bovine serum soil load and were carried out according to test criteria and methods as required by United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) for virucidal claims.

These latest findings are particularly important for the US-based swine producers where PRRS virus is causing serious problems. PRRS is easily transmitted via visiting farm vehicles and animal transporters and effective vehicle disinfection programmes play an essential role in bringing the disease under control.

Virkon® S As the key element of the DuPont Animal Health Solutions vehicle disinfection programmes DAHS Virkon® S has been evaluated by MIRA (the Motor Industry Research Association) - the UK's official vehicle engineering and testing body - and been shown to have "no significant long-term effects on the common materials used in vehicle applications". In MIRA's experiments, genuine vehicle components were exposed to DAHS Virkon® S for 1,000 hours, which equates to approximately 3,000 vehicle sprays. Washing down vehicles after adequate exposure to DAHS Virkon® S - as would be done routinely in winter when salt is used on roads - minimises any remaining risk of corrosion.

Mark Blackwell MRCVS explains, "Globally PRRS is an easily transmittable, common disease and outbreaks represent costly losses to producers with ongoing reduced breeding herd performance. Effective biosecurity programmes, supported by independently tested and proven products, are vital in pig production to control PRRS as well as other highly infectious swine diseases."

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5m Editor