Philippine Province May Reduce Pork Prices

by 5m Editor
29 November 2004, at 12:00am

PHILIPPINE - Backyard hog raisers in the Philippine province of Negros Occidental may reduce pork prices in the market next month from its expected 5 to 15 percent hike during the yuletide season.

More backyard hog raisers will compete with commercial growers and keep the pork prices within the buying capacity of consumers, according to Ignacio Locsin, Negros Occidental Federation of Hog Raisers Inc. vice president.

The Provincial Agricultural Statistics Office (Paso) had earlier projected the increase in pork prices during the Christmas holidays.

Last month, farmgate prices rose by P2 every week, from P64 to P66 per kilo in the first week; P67- P68 in the second week; P70-P71, third week; and at P70-P73 per kilo to date.

Present retail prices displayed no movement at P120-P140 per kilo despite the increased farm gate prices.

However, Locsin said Paso's projected increase could happen, and that hog growers may influence the prices.

He assured Negrenses of enough hog supply in the province.

But the means to supply outside markets like Cebu and Manila, the top markets especially Victorias City which has an export- class slaughterhouse, remains a problem in the province during the holidays.

"It is good the province recognized the hog industry as one of the brightest industries for diversification," said Locsin.

Source: eFeedLink - 29th November 2004

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