Pork industry favours Pest Management Strategy

by 5m Editor
25 November 2004, at 12:00am

NEW ZEALAND - The majority of New Zealand pork producers have voted to proceed with the development of a Pest Management Strategy (PMS) under the Biosecurity Act that will assist in containing the spread of the pig disease Post-weaning Multi-systemic Wasting Syndrome (PMWS).

Producers representing 72% of the New Zealand pork production base, voting in a referendum conducted by the New Zealand Pork Industry Board voted in favour of proceeding with the development of the PMS.

The Board’s Chief Executive, Angus Davidson, said the Board had made a concerted effort to contact not only those producers registered with the Board but all farmers with 20 pigs or more.

“Sixty percent of the production base participated in the referendum which is considered a very high level of response, and indicates that the vast majority of producers want to proceed with the PMS,“ he said.

In an effort to demonstrate to the Minister of Biosecurity that there is widespread industry support for the proposal, the Board set its own internal benchmark of 75% required to proceed, however Angus Davidson said that although the results did not quite achieve the benchmark it was quite clear that the industry wants the PMS put in place.

“As a result the Board will be meeting with Biosecurity New Zealand to discuss the results and will now spend a period time deliberating on the best way forward,“ he said.

Source: New Zealand Pork - 25th November 2004