Russia may export 10 million tonnes of grain in 2010

by 5m Editor
16 November 2004, at 12:00am

RUSSIA - Russia may be capable of increasing its grain export to 10 million tonnes in 2010, Minister-Counselor for Agricultural Affairs of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow Allan Mustard said at the third international conference on Russia's Food Industry, which was organized by the Adam Smith Institute, in Moscow on Tuesday.

Russia will step up grain, dairy and fowl meat production in coming years but the production of beef will dwindle while production of pork will stabilize, he predicted. Mustard expects Russia to continue imports of corn and soybeans for fodder.

Trade with Russia is being held back by the so-called constructive isolationism policy pursued by the country's leadership, Mustard said. Various barriers, in particular veterinary and phitosanitary and import quotas are used, he said.

Joining the WTO will not be an easy process for Russia as long as the government itself is not unanimous on this issue, Mustard said. In particular, the Economic Development and Trade Ministry and the Agriculture Ministry disagree on this issue, he said.

In the agricultural year of 2003-2004, Russia exported nearly 7 million tonnes of grain compared to nearly 17 million tonnes in the preceding year, Mustard said. The Agriculture Ministry predicts that the 2004-2005 grain export may range between three million and four million tonnes while grain market analysts predict that it will total nearly 7 million tonnes.

Source: Interfax - 16th November 2004

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