Service Fee Unchanged for Pork Producers

by 5m Editor
1 November 2004, at 12:00am

ONTARIO - The service fee paid by Ontario pork producers will remain unchanged at $1.75 per market hog for the 2004-2005 fiscal year.

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This decision will result in some adjustment to the Ontario Pork organization in order to align the budget with the new business plan. This will provide more services from a stronger staff.
"Change is necessary to maintain a healthy and vibrant industry." says Ontario Pork Chair Larry Skinner. "Ontario Pork is constantly reviewing the products and services we offer to all our producers. It is part of our ongoing commitment to add value to the Ontario hog industry."

Communications and Consumer Marketing Departments will merge to facilitate the streamlining of departments and activities. The refocused department will concentrate on increased communications with producers, maintaining retail relationships and consumer programs, and producer support in the areas of environmental issues, water quality, food safety, research, government representation and media relations.

The Farm to Fork campaign will return with a presence at the rural level. During its initial three year run, Farm to Fork improved Ontarians' positive impression of hog farming by 13 per cent.

Included in this new business plan is the addition of several Field Representatives, to help strengthen Ontario Pork's accessibility at the county level.

"We want optimum value for our producers' dollars," says Skinner. "This includes meeting the important needs of our customer, the processor."

Ontario Pork will put more emphasis on collecting marketing information to help producers realize their place at the value chain table, and work towards harmonizing relationships with processors.

Source: Ontario Pork - 1st November 2004

5m Editor