UFU responds to National Reserve plans

by 5m Editor
5 November 2004, at 12:00am

NORTHERN IRELAND - The Ulster Farmers’ Union commented today on additional details which have emerged for the CAP Reform National Reserve scheme in Northern Ireland.

The UFU welcomed the fact that the Reserve will include measures to assist new entrants to the industry since the historic reference period closed at the end of 2002. Measures to take account of producers who have cross border holdings and for farmers considering conversion to forestry were also welcomed.

UFU Chief Executive Clarke Black has welcomed the review of the proposed 3% reduction in producers Single Farm Payment allocation to fund the National Reserve. Clarke Black said; “Any reduction must be justified based on the likely demand and in any event we must ensure that this is no more than is absolutely necessary. The Union was also opposed to a siphon on sales or trading of entitlements and this has been omitted from the planned scheme“.

Clarke Black said the Union would be continuing its dialogue with DARD about the future operation of the National Reserve. He said; “Union personnel have met over 2,000 farmers in recent weeks at our Single Farm Payment clinics. There has been a lot of discussion about the National Reserve, indicating its importance for farmers who have seen their circumstances change since the historic reference period ended. It is important that the National Reserve opens as soon as possible and also that clarification is provided on the investor and production re-conversion categories“.

Source: Ulster Farmers' Union - 4th November 2004

5m Editor