Unique apple based complementary feedingstuff boosts feed intake

by 5m Editor
10 November 2004, at 12:00am

UK - In May 2004 Park Tonks Ltd. attended the Pig and Poultry fair held at Stoneleigh Park in the UK. This event was used as the stage to showcase a unique complementary feedingstuff for weaning pigs.

Trial Bag of Apeel
Diced apple forms
the base of Apeel

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ApeelMatrix has been designed to be a highly palatable feed supplement for weaning pigs with added health benefits.

ApeelMatrix is based on dried apple onto which a potent antioxidant liquid and powdered herb has been added. This liquid also has anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. The herb used is an adaptogen, the active components of which are thought to increase the animal's ability to cope with stress, thus promoting general health.

The components in ApeelMatrix were chosen to:

  • be highly palatable to piglets
  • encourage creep feed intake
  • increase antioxidant levels
  • have anti-viral & anti-microbial action
  • improve the health and growth of weaning pigs
ApeelMatrix increases feed intake & supports health at the most critical stage of a weaning pigs life.

The launch of this product comes after extensive research into antioxidants and immune facilitators by Park Tonks Ltd. In addition alternatives to traditional palatability enhancers were studied, with the aim of encouraging feed intake as well as promoting health.

In farm trials it was shown that feeding ApeelMatrix over weaning has a positive effect on the feed intake at a time when creep consumption is often minimal. Growth rate too can be compromised at weaning but those piglets fed ApeelMatrix had significantly higher growth rates than the control.

These trends continued through to the grower stage, even though the feed was no longer being supplemented, suggesting that by feeding ApeelMatrix you improve the development of the gut, which has a long-term effect on the feed intake an growth of pigs.

This resulted in greater weights at five weeks and an improved FCR, which will hopefully save days to slaughter. It was also the feeling of the farm staff that the pigs looked healthier and suffered less from scouring and coughing at this early stage.

"Our pigs love it, they look healthy & are growing well" said one farmer of his pigs on the trial.

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Source: Park Tonks Limited 10th November 2004

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