Philippine Pork Prices To Stay At Current Price Levels

by 5m Editor
29 December 2004, at 12:00am

PHILIPPINES - Prices of hog meat in the Philippines have reached P130 per kilogram from P110 per kilogram before the holiday season.

However, officials of the Department of Agriculture (DA) 11 assured the prevailing price of hog meat is the maximum level the price could reach.

In a consultation meeting comprising the DA 11 as well as the hog raisers and vendors of the region, they agreed that market vendors would not impose higher prices of their products beyond P130 per kilogram, especially during the holiday season.

Meanwhile, Bebeng Roque, a meat vendor at the Bankerohan public market, revealed despite the fact that prices of pork products in the city are still low, their sales have not increased significantly.

Source: eFeedLink - 29th December 2004

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