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by 5m Editor
24 December 2004, at 12:00am

UK - Sixty percent of pig producers are planning to use the national fallen stock scheme, according to results so far in a BPEX survey.


National Pig Association

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They remainder say they won't use it because it is too expensive, they are worried the biosecurity is not strict enough, or they already have an incinerator. Michael Seals, chairman of the National Fallen Stock Company has asked to be informed of the final results of the survey. He says the company has no magic wand and cannot offer facilities that do not exist but it would like to work towards a standardised system throughout the country, with improved biosecurity and competition. The survey so far...

  • There have been 61 responses to the survey, 49 from producers.
  • Half are having deadstock collected; the remainder are incinerating.
  • Most don't have accurate figures for the weight of deadstock they have to dispose of.
  • Current collection charges are 3100-150 a tonne ( 35- 315 a finisher, 320-40 a sow/boar).
  • 93 percent have considered using the fallen stock scheme.
  • But so far only 55 percent have registered.
  • 61 percent say they are planning to use the scheme.

Pig producers who have not yet taken part in the survey are urged to do so online now. Three of the earliest respondents encountered a software glitch (a jump form question three to question 18). This has now been fixed, says Andrew Knowles, of BPEX. "If those who encountered this problem want to go for it again, that would be helpful."

It is very important those taking part complete the cost section. "I am grateful to everybody who has taken part so far for their time and valuable input and would encourage a few more to take part," said Andrew Knowles this evening.

Source: National Pig Association - 24th December 2004

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