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Porcine Immunology Series - Further Reading

UK - I was asked to give some references for the immunology series presented over the past year in The Pig Journal for 'further reading' by readers interested in this subject.
calendar icon 5 February 2005
clock icon 1 minute read

View Vol. 52 here
View Vol. 53 here
View Vol. 54 here

The articles were based on a short course on Immunology for Practitioners that I have held at Iowa State University. If you search under swine immunology on PubMed, 748 pages of articles are available, but few review articles. When I was asked to give references, I asked a number of swine immunologists what they would recommend and all were at a similar loss. Therefore, I recommend a good basic immunology book.

The book I am currently using in my teaching is:

Immunobiology 6 by Janeway, Travers, Walport and Sclomchik. (2004) Published by Garland Press and available as a soft cover addition at approximately $70.

Another good basic immunology book is:

Cellular and Molecular Immunology by Abbas and Lichtman. (2004) Published by Saunders and available for approximately the same amount of money.

The only veterinary immunology book is:

Veterinary Immunology: An Introduction by Tizard and Schubot. (2000). This book is more specific for veterinarians, but isn't quite as good for understanding the basics of immunology.

Please feel free to email me with any comments or questions you may have.

Eileen Thacker, DVM, PhD, Dip ACVM
Associate Professor

The Pig Journal Immunology series comprises:

  1. Immunology: The innate immune system
    The Pig Journal (2003) Vol. 52 p. 111-123.
  2. Lymphocyte development and maturation
    The Pig Journal (2004) Vol. 53, p. 75-91.
  3. The battle between the immune system and pathogens
    The Pig Journal (2004) Vol. 54, p 55-69.