Schering-Plough Animal Health M+PAC single dose claim

by 5m Editor
12 March 2005, at 12:00am

Schering-Plough Animal Health recently launched their Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae vaccine M+PAC with its new flexible dose claim.

Schering-Plough Animal Health At a meeting held in Dublin, key speaker Dr. Eileen Thacker from Iowa State University emphasised that Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae was the key player in the Porcine Respiratory Disease Complex and vaccination against it was critical in its control. She added that the overall respiratory disease status on a farm was also of vital importance. In units with unstable PRRS, or Swine 'flu, or a poor record of respiratory disease problems, a two dose regime would be best, whereas in stable herds, a one dose regime was ideal. The regimes could also be altered seasonally in anticipation of a greater respiratory disease burden on winter finishing pigs (where a two dose regime would be ideal). In situations where there was active Enzootic Pneumonia in the herd, strategic medication programmes were advisable to reduce the "number of M. hyo organisms" and enhance disease control.

Now that M+PAC has a flexible dose claim, the vaccine can be used in all farms in all situations. The vaccine, together with Aivlosin 42.5mg/g Premix provides the ideal control package for Enzootic Pneumonia on all affected farms.

M+PAC (POM) can be given as 1ml at 7 days of age, repeated in 14-28 days or as a single 2ml dose from 21 days of age. This provides a duration of immunity of at least six months. Aivlosin 42.5mg/g Premix (MFS) for the treatment and prevention of Enzootic Pneumonia should be provided in feed at a rate of 1Kg per tonne of finished feed, delivered as the sole ration for 7 days.

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