U.S. Pork Promoted in Japan

by 5m Editor
30 March 2006, at 12:00am

US - The U.S. Meat Export Federation in cooperation with the Des Moines, Iowa-based National Pork Board, organized a television shoot in Iowa to give Japanese viewers a direct eye into the safety, production, and quality care that goes into U.S. pork. The television recording is designed to put the message of the quality and safety of U.S. pork into pictures. "Presenting Japanese consumers with knowledge about the safety and quality of U.S. pork, while providing a new look at the product, is our goal for these visits," said Shinobu Shimada, USMEF consumer affairs manager. The film crew captured footage of Mike Bravard?s family-owned pork farm located in Jefferson, Iowa, capturing images of the farm, hogs, and his family enjoying a pork loin dinner to broadcast back in Japan. The film taught Japanese consumers about the grain fed to U.S., how the pigs are raised, and the specifics of the Pork Quality Assurance program that emphasizes producing safe, wholesome, and nutritious pork. Source: Wisconsin Ag Connection

5m Editor