Hog farmer says he worked himself to debt

by 5m Editor
14 April 2006, at 12:00am

CANADA - He doesn't exactly match my image of a hog farmer. With his longish blond hair, safari shirt and tinted glasses, the man across the table reminds me more of actor Nick Nolte on a good day than a failed hog farmer.

But that’s exactly what Ted Longley is, a failed hog farmer. And a rather special one at that. This articulate, low-key man was once the top hog producer in Nova Scotia.

We’re having coffee in Wolfville, where he now rents a home after 22 bittersweet years in farming.

It was my idea to meet. Ted had read a recent comment of mine about a destitute Annapolis Valley farmer and had sent me a long list of farmers just in his area alone who’d gone broke. His name was included.

"Tell me what went wrong," I’d invited him, and here we are...

Source: The Chronicle Herald

5m Editor