Protestors PO'ed over proposed pig plant

by 5m Editor
25 May 2006, at 12:00am

CANADA - A proposal to build a major hog plant near downtown Winnipeg is meeting fierce opposition, with hundreds turning out at city hall Wednesday to protest a controversial vote.

Wednesday's city council vote was to decide whether to revoke over $3.4 million worth of incentives, including land and grants, that were promised to OlyWest, the Quebec-based company that is proposing the $200-million hog-processing facility at the St. Boniface industrial park in east Winnipeg.
Council had already previously approved the incentive package in November in a 9-6 vote, but as tempers flared over the project and battles waged between politicians, businesses and homeowners, the city decided to reconsider the package.

Late this afternoon, council reaffirmed its commitment to the proposed hog plant, voting 10-6 against cancelling the economics package. The project still needs to get approval from the province's Clean Environment Commission before it can proceed.

Source: Global National

5m Editor