USDA Licenses Rhusigen® Erysipelas Vaccine

by 5m Editor
16 June 2006, at 11:08am

US - Schering Plough Animal Health Corporation now offers another important tool to help protect the health of pigs.

Schering-Plough Animal Health

The company is pleased to announce the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has licensed Rhusigen™, the first erysipelas vaccine licensed to provide protection through the typical growing period against mortality and clinical symptoms caused by Erysipelas in swine.

Earlier this year SPAH introduced M+Rhusigen® for combined protection against Mycoplasma Pneumonia and Erysipelas. We can now offer Rhusigen as a stand alone product for those times when you want to bolster herd immunity against erysipelas infections or simply need to upgrade your current erysipelas protection.

Trial results show Rhusigen offers 87% protection against mortality and high rates of immunity throughout the growing season. Rhusigen is the only USDA licensed Erysipelas vaccine with proven protection against mortality.

Research proves vaccination with Rhusigen vaccine results in significantly improved levels of livability, lameness, fever, depression, feed intake, hyperemia and respiratory distress while offering excellent safety and ease of use.

For detailed results of the trials, or for further information on Rhusigen, M+Rhusigen, or other Schering-Plough Animal Health products, please contact your Schering- Plough Animal Health representative, visit,, or call us at (800) 211-3573.

Source: Schering-Plough Animal Health - 16th June 2006

5m Editor