Mid-year livestock count bared

by 5m Editor
18 August 2006, at 10:28am

PHILIPPINES - About 250,000 heads of various livestock animals have been recorded by the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS) Capiz in view of its livestock and poultry inventory for mid-year 2006 to determine the status of farm animals in the province.

The semestral accounting of livestock and poultry animals was recorded by the BAS field officers and hired data collectors.

Capiz livestock supply is deficient compared to other provinces in the region, said BAS Provincial Agricultural Statistics Officer Eric Piansay, referring to the recent survey result.

The province farm animals count revealed that swine and carabao have the highest population with 151,043 and 52,751 heads, respectively, while goats and cattle have 41,971 and 13,337 tally.

The inventory also included livestock consumption among Capiceños which revealed that an average of 10,000 pigs are slaughtered for food every month for the period April to June.

Meanwhile, Provincial Veterinarian Leonel Abordo has crafted a livestock development plan for Sanggunian Panlalawigan committee hearing and consultation for the advancement of local livestock industry.

The provincial government through its Office of the Provincial Veterinarian has operationalized an Artificial Insemination Center for swine breeding.

The effort to increase livestock production using appropriate technologies, infrastructure support and extension services is in view of the Agricultural Productivity program as a priority agenda of the provincial government.

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