Pork safety reassured

by 5m Editor
21 August 2006, at 10:34am

HONG KONG - Director of Environmental Hygiene & Food Eddy Chan has reassured consumers that all chilled pork imported from the Mainland must meet hygiene standards before it can be sold.

Speaking on a radio talk show today, Mr Chan said the first consignment will arrive August 23. The Government will maintain close contact with Mainland health authorities to ensure health requirements are met. Site visits will be conducted before the meat is transported.

Mr Chan said the "one licence, one shop" law was launched yesterday requiring all vendors to clearly state whether they are selling fresh or chilled meat. Inspectors visited all 2,000 outlets yesterday and most were found to be complying.

Of the 2,000 outlets, more than 1,300 are allowed to sell fresh pork, about 500 sell chilled and fresh pork, and 100 sell chilled pork.

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