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UK - Since 1985 Brian Bainbridge has been using Newsham Genetics and for the last 6 years JSR Genetics, on his 350 sow herd at Low Worsall, near Yarm in North Yorkshire.
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JSR Genetics

The Bainbridge family have farmed the 270 acres, outside of Yarm, for nearly 100 years, and Brian is the third generation Bainbridge to do so, with the help of wife Gill and children Jenny (8) and Katie (4). Its definitely a family run business.

Brian, Katie, Jenny and Gill Bainbridge

Purebred Pietrain Sow

Homebred Pietrain Gilt
Brian runs a successful Dam and Sireline nucleus on his unit to further enhance his performance. Sireline is the Pietrain and he is now taking in JSR Genetics Titan semen, as he demands the highest carcass yield and killing out percentage from his genetics. The first batch have just farrowed producing good results.

His original females were Large White Landrace sows which were put to Landrace. These females produce quality piglets in large numbers, having excellent milking ability, which results in outstanding weaning weights.

All Brian's pigs are sold to private outlets. One in particular supplying the well known retailer, Thomas The Baker, who demands a high lean meat content, of locally sourced pigs. Its Brian himself who selects all the pigs, ensuring the right pig for the right customer.

Brian, along with the help of two stockmen, runs a very efficient and successful system. 350 sows indoors housed on tenderfoot floors, fully slatted, is very demanding, however the system is spotlessly clean, well managed with animal welfare a high priority.

The most outstanding element of this farm is its growth performance. Average killing out weights average at 85-90kg dead and back fat is on average, a very impressive 9.5mm. Piglets are noted for being very robust at birth. At 28-30 days weaning they consistently make 9-10kg, being noticeably uniform in conformation, with the emphasis on high ham score.

The key is a successful feeding regime. At the first week of weaning, each pig consumes approx 2.5kg of creep feed, converting at 1:1. From weaning to coming out the flat decks the growth rate is approx ½kg a day.

On many farms the chart below would normally show a growth curve whereas this unit has a steep upward growth line, very close to the animals optimum potential.

All feed for the unit is formulated to Brian’s specification with all input coming from Paul Toplis of Primary Diets. Brian believes in feeding a high specification diet in all stages of his pig production system and this strategy is supported by the end result. At 7 days of age the piglets are fed a mixture of peat and meal. Creep feed is introduced at 2 weeks of age and fed three times a day to appetite. Excellent growth continues throughout the pig’s life with in excess of 700g DLWG being achieved.

Brian pictured with selected slaughter stock
Creep feed is introduced at 2 weeks of age and fed three times a day to appetite. Excellent growth continues throughout the pig's life with in excess of 700g DLWG being achieved.

Weaners - 3 weeks after weaning

In today's competitive market place Brian Bainbridge's pigs are becoming highly sought after by leading retail supply chains, who demand high welfare, quality pig meat that is locally produced to their specification. JSR Genetics provide him with the genetic material to fulfil his requirements to produce high conformation, high yielding carcasses

Brian says "The last few years have been very demanding in our industry, but the combination of good housing, nutrition, genetics, health and stockmanship have enabled us to build a very successful business, producing a quality product week in week out, which is pleasing for all".

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