Technology buys time to find waste solutions.

by 5m Editor
7 August 2006, at 10:20am

NORTH CAROLINA - Ideally, there would be a market for pig manure. Some ingenious technology would emerge that ran on the stuff, destroying it in the process. So far, no such luck.

But a Robbins pork producer who also operates a slaughterhouse reports that he can market what’s left after manure has been filtered through earthworms.

Gilbert Key not only reports that; he does it, using worms to break down solid waste in 200-foot troughs in a building that he calls, with welcome simplicity, “the worm barn.” After the worms have done their business, Key has a high-quality compost and cesspools containing less of what causes the worst problems for other industrial-scale producers and the environment.

It isn’t a perfect technology. The worms can take up to 36 hours to process a day’s supply of, um, product.

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5m Editor