Pig breeding technology could make bacon taste nicer more of the time

by 5m Editor
21 September 2006, at 11:36am

UK - Welsh firm has signed a deal with the owners of Danish Bacon for new technology which could allow breeders to preselect the sex of piglets.

Female pigs are often preferable to male pigs as they taste better, and the new technology could allow litters to be skewed to produce more females instead of boars.

Male pigs' flavour is altered because of "boar taint", which can give pork an "off" smell.

Now a global deal has been signed between Welsh start-up company Ovasort and the owners of Danish Bacon to maximise the technology.

Ovasort, a company that originated at University of Bristol Veterinary School and is now based in Cardiff, aims to develop the world's first low-cost, high-volume sperm separation technology, to skew the pig litter in favour of females.

Source: icWales

5m Editor