Startling rises in pig farmers' energy bills

by 5m Editor
26 September 2006, at 2:56pm

UK - Attention has recently been focussed on rising energy costs reflected in startling rises to pig farmers' bills. Moreover, there would appear to be no end in sight after the recent announcements by the major energy providers that the consumer prices are not set to fall in line with the reductions continuing in wholesale prices.

The danger is, says Nick MacIvor of pig building specialist AM Warkup, that crude energy-saving measures on pig farms could result in more substantial costs in production through resulting losses in environmental performance.

With highly insulated building shells and sensitive and accurate ventilation systems, studies have and are showing energy costs below the levels targeted as good practice by the Carbon Trust. They have sited nine units of electricity used per pig reared from weaning to slaughter. Early indications are that Warkup buildings are considerably less than this as a target.

"To return to non-environmental buildings in these circumstances would be ill-advised ," says Mr MacIvor. "We would be much better looking at reducing energy wastage through poor control and poor insulation. As a company we are happy to include with quotations typical energy usage figures for our range of buildings."

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