China Hog Market Weekly: Live hog prices mostly lower

by 5m Editor
25 October 2006, at 11:03am

CHINA - In this weeks China Hog Market Weekly, eFeedLink report that live hog prices in China were mostly lower.

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Market analysis

Hog death rates remained high in some regions with the recurrence of pig diseases. Backyard farmers who do not have much knowledge in disease prevention measures have chosen to release supplies earlier at a lower price. These hogs were processed into frozen meats for sale, resulting in a relatively higher supply of pork in some areas.

Cases of clenbuterol found in pork had also dampened demand for the meat, especially after the National Day holidays. Hog prices were lower in the coastal areas amid lower pork consumption.

Market forecast

Weak demand and cases of pig disease outbreaks are likely to keep hog prices low in the week ahead.

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