Farmers change to survive in NI

by 5m Editor
17 October 2006, at 12:01pm

NORTHERN IRELAND - Farming is still an important sector for Northern Ireland's economy. In the first of a series of reports from the province, BBC News examines how the business of farming has been changing.

On the McGirr dairy farm, in County Fermanagh, it's not unusual to see motorbike riders rounding up the cattle.

Brian and Aideen McGirr are one of a growing breed of Northern Ireland's traditional farmers who are choosing to run a business from the family plot.

Increasingly farmers are unable to support more than one employee, with many owners actually choosing to go part-time to bring in extra cash.

In an effort to pay their own way, the McGirrs set up the BMG motorcycle training school.

"My dad has 22 cows, he's self-sufficient. Whereas we have a son who depends on us and a mortgage, we need more of an income," Mr McGirr says.

Source: BBC

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