New swine fever outbreak in Croatia

by 5m Editor
24 October 2006, at 10:05am

CROATIA - Croatia was hit with a new outbreak of classical swine fever, the worst so far in the Balkans country, as some 3,600 pigs will be slaughtered to prevent the spread of the disease, the agriculture ministry has said.

Croatia's veterinary institute confirmed the presence of the swine fever virus at a farm near the eastern town of Dalj, where some 100 pigs have died so far, agriculture ministry spokesman Mladen Pavic said Sunday.

"All the remaining animals, more than 3,600 pigs, will be slaughtered on Monday," to prevent the spread of the disease, Pavic said.

In July Croatia was hit by the first outbreak of the classical swine fever since 2003. It turned into an epidemic but the veterinary authorities managed to bring it under control.

Source: Today Online

5m Editor