Building a better future for England's kept animals

by 5m Editor
24 November 2006, at 11:29am

UK - The England Implementation Group (eig) has today published ‘Building a better future for England's kept animals', its first annual report summarising the progress being made in England on delivery of the animal health and welfare strategy for Great Britain.

Chairman, Helen Browning, said:

“We have spent our first year trying to assess the position of and the priorities for animal health in England, and supporting the development of structures and initiatives that should take us forward.

“Our findings have been at times uplifting, at times frustrating. There are some great initiatives making considerable progress; there are also pockets of deep despondency in both the farming and veterinary professions and a lack of clarity on how to move forward on animal health and welfare issues. Fundamentally, we need to see a change in attitude from many players including vets, farmers and government.“

The EIG is an independent advisory group appointed by the Government to drive forward delivery, in England, of the Animal Health and Welfare Strategy for Great Britain. The group is working in partnership with government, the farming and food industries, animal owners, the veterinary profession, consumers and other stakeholders to foster wide ownership of the strategy and a shared commitment to its outcomes.

Livestock indicators, developed by the EIG and Defra, are also launched online today:

The full report can be found here:

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