Denmark lowers live pig export

by 5m Editor
24 November 2006, at 10:52am

DENMARK - Danish live pig exports next year is expected to decline after a sudden fall in the latest quarter, according to the Danish Meat Association (DMA).

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Denmark's live pig exports have fallen 14 percent for the third quarter compared to the last quarter, a steeper drop than expected. The seasonal drop, although not unforeseen, was larger than expected and was enough for the association to revise figures for new year.

The drop comes after years of tremendous growth as Denmark exports more than 1 million pigs every quarter. The figures for the most recent quarter, at 961,000 pigs was an on-year decline of 50 percent

Denmark's exports mostly go to Germany. However, as transport costs climb in Europe, the industry has been adversely affected. The industry's export market to Asia has also declined in recent years.

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5m Editor