DNR tightens hog permit requirements

by 5m Editor
30 November 2006, at 11:48am

US - New regulations for hog confinements in Iowa could make it more difficult for some facilities to be built.

Ryan Stouder, an environmental specialist with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, said the Environmental Protection Commission and the DNR have added some new requirements to its process for issuing permits.

These new requirements for the manure management and building proposals include things like, topography of the land, distance of hauling manure, how close a field is to a waterway that is receiving manure and more.

“This could make it a little harder to get a permit, but it still has more to do with the location and how they will operate,” Stouder said. The new regulations require that any facility proposed on or after Oct. 25, 2004 must meet the updated criteria.

Source: Ottumwa Courier

5m Editor