Epidemic Hits Pigs In Kodagu

by 5m Editor
8 November 2006, at 4:40pm

INDIA - Pandi curry (pork), the number one delicacy of Kodava cuisine, may become a rarity for want of pigs.

The reason is a yet-to-be diagnosed disease that has claimed several porcine lives in Kodagu district recently. According to some veterinarians in the district, pig-rearers have complained of their stock suffering from fever, often leading to death.

The feverish symptoms, when detected about 4 months ago, were suspected to be throat-fever by the veterinary doctors. But after examining specimens of dead pigs at a lab in Bangalore, the possibility of throat-fever was ruled out, causing further anxiety not only among the pig-rearers but also the consumers.

So far, nearly 35 pigs have been reported dead because of the strange disease, and several more are found to be ailing.

Though pork is a delicacy for the Kodagu people, commercial breeding is almost non-existent in the district. One or more pigs are reared by farmers or planters for domestic consumption, which again is a
rarity these days because it is more economical and convenient to buy pork from the market.

Source: ProMedMail

5m Editor