Experts give LPC hog lot opinions

by 5m Editor
15 November 2006, at 2:36pm

US - Odor and public health experts agree hog confinements are a controversial topic in the state and more studies are needed to find out if the buildings truly pose a public health threat.

Steve Hoff, a professor of agriculture and biosystems engineer at Iowa State University, and David Osterberg, a clinical associate professor in the University of Iowa College of Public Health, spoke at a public agricultural forum Monday night at the La Porte City Golf Club. The experts have slightly different opinions whether the buildings are dangerous, with Hoff saying air emission levels are safe for neighbors and Osterberg believing they may pose some human health problems.

Citizens from La Porte City, Mount Auburn and nearby rural residents invited the experts to get the facts about modern swine production.

Some people living in and near the two towns are furious a 1,200-head hog confinement is being built roughly between the two communities. Dr. Victor Lawrinenko, a gastroenerologist in Waterloo who also farms near La Porte City, is building the structure with plans on adding another confinement just like it. He wasn't at the meeting.

Source: WCFCourier

5m Editor