New Apple Tender™ New Zealand Trim Pork® a winner with consumers

NEW ZEALAND - 100% New Zealand Trim Pork® has enjoyed a quarter of a century of unswerving support from consumers since it was launched in 1981.
calendar icon 7 December 2006
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100% New Zealand Trim Pork® was first introduced by the New Zealand Pork Industry Board in order to supply consumers with a range of low fat, boneless cuts, with little or no waste, making them an economical and healthy purchase.

“It’s arguably the most recognised meat brand in New Zealand”, says Sam McIvor, CEO of the New Zealand Pork Industry Board. “And Trim Pork has just got trimmer,” says McIvor.

Recently the Heart Foundation reviewed its strict criteria for lean meat products eligible for the heart tick. Trim pork meets the new criteria by having less than four grams of saturated fat per 100 grams of meat, lower than the previous level of 10 grams of fat per 100 grams of meat.

“However the leanness of the product can present its challenges,” says McIvor.

“With an increasing trend towards fast cooking methods, such as grilling, stir frying, and barbecuing, people at times can overcook the product, losing some of that famous pork succulence.

“In response to this we have worked with the Institute of Food, Nutrition and Human Health at Massey University to develop a new product. The result is new Apple Tender™ Trim Pork which is proving to be a big winner with consumers looking for juiciness and tenderness.”

The pork is produced from100% New Zealand Trim Pork® boneless sub-primals which are infused with a solution containing New Zealand apple juice concentrate with particular specifications that ensure it is also able to carry the Heart Foundation Tick.

Apple Tender does not require any preparation, it is easy to cook, producing a moist juicy result, it retains the pork flavour with just a hint of apple, and most of all it is a New Zealand grown product.

Nutritionally, pork is a valuable part of a balanced diet, being high in protein and a good source of iron, zinc, potassium and magnesium. It is also a particularly important source of B vitamins and is a leading source of Vitamin B1- thiamine.

“Given these other healthy attributes, and with summer around the corner, it’s an absolutely ideal steak to barbecue. We are not surprised that Apple Tender™ is proving to be such a winner,” Sam McIvor said.

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