Pig producer calls for more volunteers to monitor supermarket food labels

by 5m Editor
2 January 2007, at 11:03am

UK - A North Yorkshire pig producer has called for more volunteers to join a scheme to monitor country of origin labelling for supermarket pigmeat.

Fred Henley, who finishes pigs at Seaton Ross, near York, is responsible for pigmeat labelling checks within three of his local stores in Selby. Since the National Pig Association’s Porkwatch scheme started in 2004, he has been scanning the shelves every two months to record how much produce is carrying the British Quality Standard Mark. Results are sent to an independent research company, which evaluates progress across England.

“Highlighting supermarket labelling policies and publishing their performance has encouraged some of the retailers to review their labelling practices, and stock more British pigmeat,” said Mr Henley.

“However, there is still a long way to go and I would like to see prominent labelling applied to all farm produce. If we had more volunteers, we could increase our store coverage and strengthen the campaign.”

Source: Farmers Weekly

5m Editor