PowerFlow™: "Uniformity under Control" in larger pig sections

THE NETHERLANDS - Controlling the climate in large sections or buildings housing pigs is often more difficult than in smaller sections. The entirely new Fancom PowerFlow™ ventilation concept deals with this problem for good.
calendar icon 11 January 2007
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A sophisticated play of air inlet controls, air exhaust, heating and if required humidity or cooling, makes it easy to create top conditions in a large section. The climate very gradually changes from minimum to maximum, without any temperature fluctuations that could upset animal growth. The result is an even, stable climate with identical growth conditions for all the animals in the house. The reward is improved growth and exceptionally high uniformity of all the animals supplied. The PowerFlow ventilation system can be used universally for all categories of animal and in any climate.

Add-Ons complete the PowerFlow concept

Fancom F17-PowerFlow Fancom has a number of Add-ons in its range, which allow the PowerFlow concept to be customised to suit various house situations.
  • All or part of the airflow can be continuously measured and controlled using Fancom ATM units. The patented airflow transmitter accurately measures the airflow and the inlet controls to achieve a precise fresh air supply to the animals. Creating the right conditions is crucial with young animals in particular and with minimum ventilation.
  • The intelligent switch functions allow one or more (groups of) fans to be activated immediately via the Fancom Greenlink® Network. This makes installing the installation considerably cheaper and reduces the risk of error.
  • Extra control of air inlets: left / right, summer / winter or a tunnel inlet can all be added to the system without any problems.
  • Making optimal use of the available natural ventilation also adds up to considerable energy savings. If it becomes too cold or hot in the house, PowerFlow simply switches over to mechanical ventilation.
F17 Climate Control

Especially for the PowerFlow™ ventilation concept, Fancom has developed the completely new F17 Climate Control. The F17 is immediately recognisable by its large display showing all the essential information about the climate process in the section at a single glance. The menu-controlled operation guides the user step by step through the functionality of the controller. Another example of Fancom excelling in the ease and simplicity of its control equipment.

The PowerFlow concept offers a variety of possibilities to optimise the house climate depending on the situation. The characteristic feature of the F17 is that this diversity has been condensed into a number of basic settings. The F17 Climate Control does the rest. All controls in the house or section are fully integrated and automatically take into account outside weather influences so the optimal result is always reached, with a minimum risk of setting errors. The extensive signalling and registration functions also warn users in time of any deviations, so measures can be taken before problems occur.

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