Time for intervention in hog crisis MLA

by 5m Editor
17 January 2007, at 10:47am

BERWICK - Some hog farmers are considering culling their herds while others are seeking stress counselling as their industry collapses around them, Liberal MLA Leo Glavine said Tuesday.

Lori Canavan-Reid and other hog farmers say low prices mean they won’t be able to stay in operation.

"The government’s failure to consult with farmers and work out a comprehensive plan to transition from the existing approach to a new model for hog production and product development is creating chaos and hardship," the Kings West MLA said in a release.

He called on Premier Rodney Mac-Donald and Agriculture Minister Brooke Taylor to tour hog farms in the Annapolis Valley so they can see first-hand the problems facing the industry.

Farmers face huge losses as they struggle with low pork prices and high feed and energy costs. They say they lose about $50 for every hog they raise, which translates into a loss of thousands of dollars every month for many farmers.

Pork Nova Scotia, the provincial marketing agency, says producers need about $6 million over the next 12 to 18 months to get them through the tough times. They say they have a marketing plan and a strategy to make the industry self-sufficient in 18 months but they need bridge financing to get there.

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