Bush says using corn for biofuels drives up price of hog feed

by 5m Editor
16 February 2007, at 11:50am

US - President Bush said Feb. 14 that using corn for ethanol is driving up the price of the commodity, which makes it important that new technologies come online quickly.

Energy policy is an important area where Bush said he sees an opportunity to work with the new Congress. "We've done a lot of work in the past on promoting alternative sources of energy," Bush said at a Feb. 14 news conference.

"America has done more than any nation in the world in promoting alternatives and renewables, all aiming to make sure our economy grows, that we have energy independence, and that we're good stewards of the environment and I look forward to working with the Democrats on the energy independence initiative I laid out," he said.

One such initiative is the mandatory alternative fuel standard, which relies on alternative fuel to power automobiles.

While ethanol was the most notable place to start, Bush said that the United States also needs to spend money to develop technologies that will enable the nation to make fuels out of products other than corn, including switchgrass and wood chips.

Source: SNL

5m Editor