EU pig production set to rise

by 5m Editor
22 February 2007, at 2:57pm

EU - EU pig meat production is set to rise between now and 2013, according to latest forecasts from the British Pig Executive.

Prodution is predicted to increase from 21.9m tonnes in 2006 to 22.6m tonnes by 2013, the BPEX report said.

While this will put more pig meat on the EU market, the increase is slower rate than that of the 1990’s partly, due to higher feed prices and more competition from poultry meat.

EU pigmeat consumption remains firm and BPEX forecasted increases in total volume and per capita terms in the future.

According to the latest European Commission reports, overall meat consumption, including beef, pigmeat, poultry and sheep meat, is likely to increase from 85.3kg/head in 2005 to 86.8kg in 2013.

Source: FWi

5m Editor