Govt. is urging people to eat Taiwanese pork

by 5m Editor
26 March 2007, at 1:03pm

TAIWAN - The government is urging the public to eat pork from Taiwanese pigs. That was the word from the Council of Agricultural Affairs on Monday.

Generally, more than ten thousand tons of pork is imported to Taiwan annually. But this year only two thousand tons has been imported, sixty percent less than last year. That's because the price of imported pork has been skyrocketing as a result of higher oil prices. This has led people to resort to biomass instead of oil. The biomass comes from corn and wheat, foods that farmers have served to pigs in the past.

The council also said that imported pork loses its juices and has broken muscle fibers because of long periods of freezing.

So the council is advising consumers to buy local pork rather than imported.

Source: Radio Taiwan International

5m Editor