Proposed Changes to Health of Animals Act Under Internal Review

CANADA - Changes being proposed to Canada's Health of Animals Act have moved forward for translation into legal text and internal review, writes Bruce Cochrane.
calendar icon 2 March 2007
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Since December 2005 the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has been gathering informal stakeholder input on proposed changes to portions of the Health of Animals Act that deal with transportation.

Senior staff veterinarian Dr. Gord Doonan says stakeholders have indicated they want outcome based regulations and, for the most part, the regulations and the proposed changes are outcome based.

Dr. Gord Doonan-Canadian Food Inspection Agency

The vast majoritiy of the concepts that we proposed were accepted by almost all of the resondants.

However there were two areas that attracted a lot of attention and for which we did not get unanomous agreement and they are reducing the feed, water and rest intervals and prescribing loading densities in that those who were opposed felt, instead of setting maximum limits or changing the maximum limits for feed, water and rest and instead of precriubing what the loading desity should be or how many animals could fit in a certain space, we should just leave it as is for loading desities, instead of loading desitiries we have a statement saying that you shouldn't over crowd or you must not over crowd.

What some stakeholders would prefer would be for us to take enforcement action if something happens to the animals as a result of over crowding or as a result of going to long without feed, water and rest.

Dr. Doonan notes CFIA will likley recomend the changes proceed but it is still uncertain if or when the proposal will move forward.

He adds, although the pre-consultation has concluded, comments are still being received and there will be additional opportunitty for comment if and when the process moves to the next step.

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