Hog farmers to help game birds

by 5m Editor
16 April 2007, at 10:13am

US - Pheasants will be getting some help this year from hog farmers who are promising to provide more habitat for the game birds and take part in new clean water efforts.

The Iowa chapter of Pheasants Forever and the Iowa Pork Producers Association announced a new partnership this week.

"The goal of this project is to create some additional habitat around swine barns without disrupting the operation of the facility," Dave Van Waus, a wildlife biologist for Pheasants Forever said in a statement.

The project will focus on 10 producers who have said they're interested in providing pheasant nesting habitat on their farm sites. They'll get financial support from both groups, and Pheasant Forever will also provide technical help in setting up and maintaining the new habitats.

Source: DesMoines Register

5m Editor