Lawmakers Try To Tighten Livestock Rules

by 5m Editor
9 April 2007, at 9:51am

IOWA - Farming may not sound controversial, but just ask folks in Emmetsburg or Sibley, Iowa, and they'll tell you a different story.

Both of these Northwest Iowa towns have put up a stink over large hog confinements.

They're just two examples of a growing battle between livestock operators and the public.

At Ed's Cafe in Kingsley, Iowa the morning menu features the usual breakfast fare, like pancakes, eggs, and of course pork.

Iowans like their pork, but not their pigs. "Especially when they're applying the manure," says one man at Ed’s.

But, the separation between the pigs and the people is shrinking. Hog confinements are popping up across Northwest Iowa.

Livestock operations are big business. Now, even some family farms are expanding, partnering, and putting confinements on their properties.

Source: KTIV News

5m Editor