New rules for cattle and pig dealers

by 5m Editor
26 April 2007, at 9:24am

IREALND - New legislation for cattle and pig dealers has been adopted this week by the Department of Agriculture and Food.

The changes follow on from a detailed review of the current legal framework and will comply with EU legislation governing the activities of dealers.

The most significant changes in the new system are: dealers in cattle and pigs are defined as those who buy and resell within 30 days rather than within the current 45 days farmers and others who buy and resell not more than 100 cattle or 100 pigs within 30 days in any 12-month period are now exempted from the legislation agents, who act exclusively on behalf of dealers, exporters, factories and private individuals are excluded from the definition of dealer.

The new legislation requires those who buy and resell cattle or pigs within 30 days to register as dealers and to comply with arrangements relating to the welfare and transport of animals, standards and the upkeep of premises, keeping of records and compliance with animal notification and disease testing procedures.

Source: The Kingdom

5m Editor