Pseudorabies Not Found In Private Swine Populations

by 5m Editor
12 April 2007, at 9:29am

US - Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA) State Veterinarian Dr. Dennis Hughes has reported that an investigation into pseudorabies in the Genoa area has concluded with good results.

In February, wild pigs killed in Nance County tested positive for pseudorabies. NDA contacted pork producers in the area. With the cooperation of those producers, NDA staff was able to test the swine that could have potentially been affected.

“We are pleased to report that none of the swine tested are infected with pseudorabies,” said Dr. Hughes. “While this is a positive step, there are still wild pigs in the area. Therefore, we encourage pork producers to be vigilant and continue to watch for any symptoms of pseudorabies.”

Source: Livestock Roundup

5m Editor