Pseudorabies testing continues in Loyal area pigs

by 5m Editor
30 April 2007, at 11:31am

US - Today and Tuesday, Clark County pigs within the second quarantine area, near Loyal, will be tested for pseudorabies. There are now 33 farms within a five-mile radius of a second farm found to be infected with the virus.

Both swine herds infected with pseudorabies were destroyed Friday morning. The animals were sent to a rendering facility, according to Donna Gilson, state Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection spokeswoman.

The herd of 300 pigs, where pseudorabies was originally found, was in the Greenwood area. The quarantine for that area was lifted last week after all pigs within that area tested negative for pseudorabies.

The second quarantine area was created around a herd of 20 pigs found to be infected at the farm of Rick Nelson, W2840 26th Rd., Loyal.

Both farms where the herds were destroyed will be cleaned and disinfected, said Gilson.

USDA wildlife services sharpshooters were needed to destroy all of the hogs in the Loyal herd because some of them were semi-feral, said Gilson.

Clark County's largest swine farm, Swinehaus Inc., is within the second quarantine area.

Source: Marshfieldnewsherald

5m Editor