EU pig prices: Stability in central regions, but not so further west

by 5m Editor
31 May 2007, at 9:07am

EU - Over the past few days, the European fininshed pig market continued to stabilise. The number slaughter pigs is declining throughout Europe, and meeting good demand on the part of the slaughter companies. However with a day of slaughter less this week , as a result of the Pentecost holiday, the market is short of supply in many countries. Thus, the majority of quotations continue to be unchanged in Central Europe.

However, the situation is different in France and Spain.

Prices had hardly changed over many weeks, but a 'touch-and-go' trend of prices is now being observed. Some quotations are up by six cents within a week - which is being attributed to the limited offers meeting increasing demand as a result of the holiday season ahead in these countries.

In Denmark, experts are worried about the latest development on the processing field, which has straight impact on the cull sows market. The market is burdened by the supply being comparatively capacious, the warehouses being filled and prices going down for beef. However, the Danes expect the processed-meat-market to relax again within the next few weeks.


5m Editor